All Day I Dream About S...Sleep!?!

I’m sure all my fellow 90’s babies are just as happy as I am that Adidas is coming back full force in street wear style. As much as I like Nike brand, I don’t really work out and feel like such a poser rocking it out and about. Let’s be real, I came from my couch, not spin class. I feel like Adidas is rising to popularity so fast because it’s way more of a fashion brand than just a sport brand. 

I was so pumped when I walked into Urban Outfitters and saw their Adidas section. That employee discount really helps out this poor college gal. The tracksuits, the tees, the boxing shorts, there was so much to choose from. I suck at making decisions sometimes so I went the easy route with the black and white logo tee. The logo tees are an essential for an easy girl’s wardrobe.  When I wake up at 7 am for class, I immediately start with black jeans and Chucks. A nice logo tee pulls an outfit together perfectly. 

Adidas has been pulling off rose gold perfectly. The black and rose gold logo tee is for sure my next purchase. But let’s talk about something serious real quick. I saw these bomb ass shoes on Instagram. Black and rose gold sneakers. Life. I can’t get through the next two years of school without these shoes. I’m praying they drop on their website any day yet. I thought the metal toe shoes were going to be my next baby but after seeing these, I’m on a hunt. So if you’ve seen them in stores anywhere, let a girl know!! Yes, I’m fixating.  

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