Feelin' the Bern

That kooky old man whose been allover the news and social media recently has grabbed the attention of millennials across the country. The Iowa Caucus ended a few days and Bernie Sanders lost to Hilary by just a whoppin’ three delegate votes. Now, losing isn’t ideal, but in Bernie’s case, last night was huge for him. What started as almost a joke, he has become a serious competitor in the presidential race. He has showed the country that he is, indeed, electable.

He has started a political revolution, with millennials across the country supporting him. If you don’t keep up with politics but are of age to vote, this is the year you should get involved. Everything Bernie stands for would benefit young people just like myself. 

Bernie’s key points include free education and free health care. There are many countries around the world that already offer this to their citizens, Luxembourg being one of them. Luxembourg also happened to have the highest GDP per capita so it may not be a bad idea to follow in their footsteps. Spain, Germany, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are all other European countries that offer their people free health care and education. He also plans to reduce the interest rates on student’s loans. Now wouldn’t that be nice!!

Bernie is also very adamant on the huge problem that is climate change. It is scientifically proven that our planet is in danger, and he wants to push our country forward to make the right decisions and stop backing the use of fossil fuels for the sake of a profit. While the country is slowing transitioning to a clean energy economy, Bernie knows that scientists need us to do it much quicker. 

One last key point in his campaign that I will share is his view on wealth inequality in our country. Bernie has a very strong opinion on the top one-tenth of one percent owns as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. He plans on reducing the wealth inequality by demanding the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, rebuilding the country’s infrastructures which would create 13 million jobs and signing the Paycheck Fairness Act. This act would mean women would stop earning 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. There are many other ways he plans to fixing the wealth inequality. 

Bernie Sanders wants to be known after this campaign as a compassionate man. He has stuck to his beliefs for thirty years. He had no big backers; all of his contributions were an average donation of just $27. Many companies have rallied behind him, selling products where all the profits will go towards his campaign, like Unif. He is a man who wants to speak for the average person in our country. Millions of people know that he would be the perfect person to lead our country, but he needs us all to vote. Register in your state and help change our country! Not only are his ethics in line, but he is also a pretty rad guy.  At Iowa, his headquarters played Burning Down the House. Does it get any cooler? 

Bernie shirt by UNIF, Jacket from Urban Outfitters

Bernie shirt by UNIF, Jacket from Urban Outfitters

Bernie Sanders is just a cute old man wanting to fix the United States, and I think we should let him. 

And here he is, ending his run in Iowa and walking off stage to Starman by David Bowie. A cat and Bowie fan?! That's a win win in my book. 



See ya again soon!


Photos by Matt Faisetty