I like my wine how I like my shoes.


After years and years of trying to build my wardrobe to my liking, I always felt unsatisfied. No matter how cute I thought my outfits could potentially be, there was always something missing. And then it hit me. I was walking to work and had some extra time, so I stopped into Free People (again) and something bold and beautiful caught me eye. These hot red suede Jeffrey Campbell “Hunt the Plains” booties. If someone told me I’d fall in love with a pair of red shoes I would have laughed in their face. I’m not Dorothy after all. But it was love at first sight. I resisted the urge to try them on because once I did I knew I’d lose all willpower. 


Weeks went by with me popping into Free People on my way to work and stopping to admire these booties/beauties (either works, right?). Finally, during a riveting writing class, I decided the following day I was going to buy them. I got my midterm grades back and was pretty impressed and I had just scored an internship so I knew it was time to reward myself.

The day after purchasing them, I wore them all day long from 7:30 am to 8 pm. I paired them with an all black and white outfit to really help the color pop and almost immediately I started receiving compliments on them. Girls can be catty, so when ladies you don’t know tell you they love your shoes, you know you picked a good pair. The cut and flexibility along the ankle really made these booties so comfortable to wear. The heel height is the perfect balance of being short enough to walk in, but tall enough to exude catwalk confidence. 


All photography by James Conley (ig: @philatawgrapher)